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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a smart way to control and convey your brand message, the instant users are looking for you on Google. SEM is also commonly known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing on Google Adwords.

What is SEM?

Singapore SEM, Singapore PPC search marketing
Your ads will show on the top or Right hand side of the search result pages of search engines based on their performance in the online auction. The best part is you pay only when a user clicks on your ads ensuring ROI for your paid advertising.


Why Would You Choose SEM?

•    Targeted
•    Pay only for Clicks
•    Set your own budget
•    Track performance and ROI
•    Use to complement and enhance SEO and offline advertising

 SEM Singapore, Singaore PPC, Google Adwords

Do You Face These Search Marketing Challenges Too?

1) How do I set this up?

Online Advertising set up is uniquely challenging in terms selecting the right keyword terms and setting them up in appropriate Ad Groups.

2) What makes sense for me and When?

Online advertising is now evolved to different formats, devices and online platforms. It is important to know how to prioritize and choose the right option at the right time.

3) What is the right bid for my campaign?

Online Auction is Volatile and requires understanding of CPC bidding strategies and Quality score criteria for success

4) How do I stay on Top? This takes too much time!!!

Online campaigns need constant monitoring and maintenance for cost effectiveness & competitive edge, requiring time investment


How Can We Help You with your SEM campaigns?

SEM Singapore PPC advetising management

We have a 4 step process - Setup, Enhance, Measure, Succeed.


  • Insider SEM team will set up your Online Ad campaigns.
  • Campaign Structure mirrors the website & Ad groups bear tightly themed keywords
  • Create landing pages to BEST capture leads from Search Traffic


  • Optimize and search Campaigns to cover entire product/service range.
  • Test and Expand to other formats and media such as mobile, display, Youtube through an integrated offline to online advertising approach.
  • Effective ad creation, bidding and budgeting for ads across multiple formats.


  • Proof of Service through regular reporting and analyses
  • Keyword Research & competitive analyses to maintain advertising advantage
  • Set up conversion tracking processes through tools such as Google analytics to measure ROI and also to get 360 degree insight on user interaction with  advertising and website.


  • Achieve requisite ROI and business growth through effective & planned advertising strategies
  • Remarketing to bring back visitors to your site with relevant pull strategy
  • Availability of SEM support for regular maintainence and improvement of advertising ROI  over time.


We are officially Certified By Google Adwords & Microsoft adCenter

Singapore SEM Singapore PPC advertisingWhy trust your company’s brand, advertising dollars and results to just ANY company?

We’re officially certified by Google Adwords as an online advertising partner. That means we have passed Google’s stringent tests and proven ourselves proficient to manage your PPC advertising campaigns.

There are less than 10 companies in Singapore who are Google Adwords certified. We are proud to be one of them.

Microsoft Advertising adCenter Bing Yahoo! searchWe are accredited Microsoft Advertising Professionals. This ensures your search advertising is shown on Bing and Yahoo! search networks.

Convert your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns from clicks to Leads & Sales.


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